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Do you know what is Big Bang Theory? This is Drama. Also it is sitcom. My father download this and show us. First I think that is very boring, however that is really funny. Now I talk about that drama.
 This drama is really funny. This is one benefit. This can make people happy (maybe). There are 4 scientists. They are really clever, but sometimes they act like  stupidly.   

His name is Leonard. He is one of the clever scientist. He is Sheldon's best friend and Sheldon's roommate. He loves penny.

His name is Sheldon. He is one of the clever scientist, but he is geek of geeks. He thinks he is clever than everyone in this world. Also he is poser. He has really high IQ, but sociability is low.

This guy's name is Howard (maybe). He is one of the clever scientist. He uncovers women and he is mama's boy. He always uses queasy speaking to put work to women, but always fails.

His name is Raj. He is one of the clever scientist. He can't speak to women. He need to drink alcohol can speak to women. He is from India.

She's name is Penny. Leonard loves her. She wants to be a actor, but sometimes she fail. She's neighbored are Leonard and Sheldon. She sometimes visits their house.  She builds friendship with four geeks. 

There are other characters. Sheldon's girl friend and Howard girl friend. You can watch at home or other places you want, but I always download it.


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