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~My future creer~

 In my future, I want to be a doctor. There are severial reasons that I want to be a doctor.
 For one, in TV, I saw lots of ill people. Some of them are poor and some of them are rich but have kind of pain. So how sad are they~ I want to help them and make them happy.
 Secondly, I think help people are very good and happy thing. Also in some of the books said help people are very very good and can make feel good. So, I want to feel how happy is that.
 Finally, If I be a doctor, I can help when ill people expose on my eyes. Help my parants, friends, uncle...... How about in emergency? I can help if there are injury people. So, I think doctors are very useful us.
 These reasons are why I like to be a doctor, maybe I need to do more work(study). 

Thank you for reading~     by Andy


 This is picture is Chinese doctor.