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The beast in the dungeon       
The sun is very shine, there's no cloud, animals are enjoying their life, people do their job. The world is very quiet, and same with before.
   My brother Jake is going to go to get some job. We are very poor. We have no money to buy. What is worse we don't have any food.
   Suddenly, Jake see one poster. It is job! “Who want to get job? If you want come to Eric's office.” He doesn't know where is Eric's office. Maybe they wants to test us can or cannot find it. Jake wants to have that work. So he goes to cop's office to ask, where's the Eric's office. It is simple, he tell Jake it is near to the Chinese shop. In this city, Chinese shop is only one. So, Jake can find it quickly. He goes in to the office. In there, one person is sleeping. Jake wake up him.
   Suddenly, one person come to the door, and ask, “Who are you?”
   Jake said, “I want to get some job, so I came here.”
   That man go to the seat and say, “The job is simple, go to the door back of the castle and guard it.” And that man goes to the room and give he money. It are $100! He is so happy to see the money. He goes to that door and watch it.
   1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years later, he still keep that job. In this 5 years nobody went in and nobody came out. He is so boring to do this job, when he call the phone and talk with his big brother, there's strange sound over the door. Jake is surprise, and scared. What this sound? “kong! Crash! Keng!” The strange sound still over this door. Maybe he think some people just did something in here. Such as use machine to get some gold, and whatever. He decide to know what is this sound. He take a gun and go in to the Dungeon.
   In the dungeon it is quiet, dark and wet, like a cave. He is so scared, and can't go in. Suddenly, the strange sound come again. “Kruuuuuu..... Cruuuuuu....”
   This sound make him more and more scared, and he run away from this dungeon. He go to his house and talk to me what was happened. I'm surpprise, too. Jake ask first. “I'm so scared, tell me what should I do? Jone?”
   “I have no idea, you keep guard it...... Yes! That's right! You can ask the Eric what is going on!”
   “Yes!” And he go to that office. When he arrive to that office. One man is still sleep in that chair. He touch that man and ask, “Are you Eric?”
   “Of course, who are you?”
   He answered, “I'm the man who take your job! Can you tell me what's in that dungeon?”
   Eric like a angry man stand up and shout, “No! You just guard that door!”
   Jake is angry too.
   Eric said again, “You just watch it.....”
   Jake come out to that office. He want to solve that question. So, he go to his house, ready for go to the dungeon. I ask, “What are you doing?”
   “I will go to that dungeon.”
   “What? That's too dangerous!”
   “But, I have no idea, I must do it!”
   I think about few minutes and say, “OK, I will go with you!”
   “Thank you!”
   And we take knifes, flashlights, and some snacks.
   We slowly go in to the dungeon. Same, there is dark, quiet, and wet. But one is different, there's no strange sound. Jake said, “Oh, this is strange, why there is no scary sound?”
   I listen very well, but I can't hear any of scary sound. We keep go inside the dungeon. Suddenly, there's something move! We light on that side. And there's nothing. But we can hear that strange and scary sound. We still go inside.
   “What the?” Jake said. “What's that?”
   “How do I know?”
   We can see the black thing like a gorilla. But the eyes are red and it's body is more bigger than gorilla.
   Suddenly that monster run to us. “What the!?” I shouted and get away.
   “What's that beast?!” Jake shouted.
   While Jake shouted, I light on to that beast. Me and Jake are very surprise. That's right it is a big and scary monster. Around that monster, there are a lot of skeletons. It's run to us again. Me and Jake get our sword to attack. I attack it's front, while I attack there, Jake attack back. Suddenly the monster catch me and throw me to the Jake. And run to us. We get away quickly, but it hit my leg. I cannot move very well. My brother see me and know I can't move, so he decide to fight it alone.
   “No!” I shouted. But he didn't listen and get two swords to attack. I just see he fight. Suddenly the beast jump to Jake. He take two swords, ready for attack. And he dash to that monster, and pierce it and cut it. His clothes and monster's body are blood. Jake attack it many times, but that beast never give up, that reason makes Jake tired. When he exhaust, and cannot move anymore, he fall down. Than the monster run to Jake, and I stand up and run to Jake's front, when the beast come very near, I prick it's heart use Jake's sword. And it's dead
   I go out that dungeon. And I carry Jake. Jake almost weakness. But since that time I do very well to him and never listen that monster's noise. And we have nice days.