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Horus Palace  

The sun is shining, and there are no clouds. In the Sahara desert, there is one small imperial. They don't have enough water. Because people feel thirst and have a hard day. And people die one by one. A lot of people went to find other place to live, but they never come back and no news to them. The king who rule over the imperial, think cannot live like this. So, king ask ministers how to do.

Finally one minister said to the king, “I have an idea, but this idea is so dangerous and difficult.”
King just said OK. And that minister said, “We can find Horus palace. There are lots of water, food, weapons...... And there's land is fertilize, it is good for farming.”

When he finish speak, a lot of other ministers opposite his opinion. The king think a long time. After few hours he decide what to do. He use many posters, let soldiers stick these everywhere. Then soldiers did what the king said. Few minutes later, there are lots of people come to sea the posters.

It's says, “Ladies and gentlemen, in this imperial has no enough food and water. There's only one way to solve this problem. It's find the Horus Palace. Horus palace is at east of here and need to go 50 kilometers. Who want to find the Horus Palace? Come in to the palace and say to me.”

Of course a lot of people think this is a joke or cannot do this. Because many of people try to find Horus palace many time, but all of them have a mysterious death. And then nobody want to find Horus palace.

But one person name is Jake, who solve the one problem that beast in the dungeon, he see that poster and think about it too much. Finally decide to find it. He goes to the palace faster he could, but not very easy, from his town to that palace about more than 6000 kilometers! He takes lots of times to go there. And finally......

He goes to the palace and does a deep bow to the king and said, “Well, if you need a help, I would, I want to find that palace! Wait, can I take more people?”

The king said nicely, “Of course, you can.”

He does a deep bow again and goes away. He runs to the hotel, and shouted, “Hey, Jone! Justin! We have a job to do!”

I turn around and ask, “What? Why are you shouting?”

Jake said slowly, “It's simple we just find Horus palace and call to them come on!”

Justin said, “I know about Horus palace, but Jake find that it isn't easy. Many of people try to find it but no one find it!”

Jake apply, “I know but I don't care! Because I like solve mystery!”

Justin and I look each other and have a deep breathe and say to him OK.

Next day, we take horses and go to east. The desert is hot, we use hat to cover our head and we take a mantle too. I cough because of the yellow sand. I think this is hardest travel we ever have. One, two, three, four hours later, we see the big lakes like a sea.

We get off from the horses, and take the boat across the lake. There are some mist cover ours. Jake

knit one’s brow, and listen. He said, “What's this noise?”

I ask, “What?”

“I don't know, what's noise,” He didn't finish. And said again, “horses?”

“Horses?” Justin said.

“Yes, horses, maybe ours......” Jake said.

I know what is happen and shouted, “Row a boat! Faster you can!”

We row a boat quickly. I see the back of us, blood, there are blood in the water. Something must killed our horses. Suddenly, our boat move very very fast.

Jake shouted, “What is going on?!”

Justin answer, “Something is pushing us, take the swords!”

I am the first who take the sword and use it pierce strongly. And blood is coming out. And one giant boa emerge on the lake. It's face in more bigger than this boat, maybe 4 times of this? It try to attack us.

I shouted, “Jump!” And we jump in to the lake.

While we jumped into the lake, boa broke the boat, and go into the water. We come to together, and take our swords protect our. Suddenly Justin goes in to the water.

“Justin!” We shouted.

And I go in to the water and swim faster I can and catch his arm. But it's power is great, I go in more deeper. I go slowly to that monster. Think bye and pierce to it's eye. It makes a blood and spit us. We go out quickly and go to the land. When we go out the water. The beast come out and attack us.

“What the heck?” Justin ask.

“It's too fast! We can't attack it!”

Suddenly Jake go up to monster's head and pierce many times. When he pierce one by one blood come out and flip to his body. The boa shaking it's head, makes Jake fall down, but he never falls down, so the boa use it's head hit the rock. Jake has already fall down, but the boa doesn't know, so it still hit the rock. And then monster is dead.

I said, “Well, nice job.”

We take a breathe again and go over the gate. I know that beast is who guard the gate.

When we go over the gate, we see a lot of gold, and houses. Justin open his mouse, and go take some gold put into the bag.

I call Jake come and said, “Hey, what's this mean? Hellhound.”

On the wall, there is one blood writing, it says, “Watch out the Hellhound.”

“Maybe kind of evil, I think.” Jake answer.

“Something is wrong here, maybe the Horus afraid of grave robbers, so he made some monster.”

Suddenly, Jake fell down, and something catch it and drag him. I'm so surprise and take a sword and jump pierce it. But it get away and use claws hit me.

I shouted, “I cannot see anything! Is it fast so I cannot see? Or it transparency?”

I bleed blood and I see all directions, but I can't find it. Suddenly something bite my leg and I fall down. It drag me. Jake catch my arms and drag me, because there are two thing drag me so I shout loudly, I use my one leg to kick it. When I kick it 5 times, it gives up. And it spit something to me.

I shouted angrily, “Oh my god! What's this? It's sick!”

And Justin jump and pierce the monster. When I open my eyes, I see one dogs that no eye and all is blood, more sick thing is that it open it's mouse not up-down, it's left-right, and it is dead.

“What the! That's sickening sight!” I shouted.

Two of them ask, “What? Can you see this?”

I said, “Huh? Of course! I can! Can't you?”

They nob there heads. I think maybe is that, that sick thing, because of it something happen to me. I think that is very cool. I can see that normal people can't see things.

And we go into the palace. Suddenly, I open my big mouse. I saw one soul front of us.

I said, “Who are you?”

Suddenly it said to me, “Thank you for come here, now I can do ascension to sky now, I'm Horus.

I shouted, “Horus!? God of the Egypt!”

But Horus is a man, like a human.

Horus soul said, “Yes, I give you all of these to you, you kill the water bow, and hellhound. Of course I can. And, thank you again.”

Horus finished his talk and disappear on my eyes.

 Then all is over. We don't have any ways to go to hometown. Horses are dead, and we don't have anything to call people. No one is here, nobody know us.