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BMW i3 Electric City Car (Early 2013)

BMW claims that its new $35,000 Chevy Volt-beater will have 99 miles of range from its rear-mounted electric motor and floor-mounted batteries. BMW (being BMW) is also claiming 100 mph for the car's top speed, and the i3 could bring the equivalent of 150 horsepower. Cargo will be divided between the rear seats and in the front trunk (a la the original, rear-engine VW Beetle). Much of the body will be made of carbon-reinforced plastic.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (January 2012)

A hot Camaro is coming and will be powered by the Cadillac CTS-V's 6.2-liter V8 with roughly 550 hp. Given how the Camaro SS with a 6.2-liter V8 that puts out a mere 426 hp can already clock a 0-to-60-mph sprint in less than 5 seconds, the ZL1 is going to be scary fast. This Camaro will go toe-to-toe with Ford's Shelby GT500—and BMW M3 and Porsche 911 owners should watch their rearviews too. Price? We'd guess between $42,000 and $48,000.



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After everything disappeared,
 every organisms have gone
 there are no any plants, animals  and people
 everything has gone
 Except living things
 there are  smog, fire, and trash
 like a hell  
 people had died one by one
 after everything has gone
 There is nothing, nothing, 
nothing, nothing at all.

Do not throw the hope
you can't do anything without the hope
hope help get us to our dream
Do not throw the hope

 if you destroy your hope,
you can't get anything
do not throw the hope
Only hope can help you

We don't get nothing after the war
We only get sadness and hopelessness
in the spot where the war happened,
there is nothing
without dead bodies, smokes and the ruins
people die because of war
what do we get if we make a war?
We get nothing without death

All of parents always make children get better life. So they think if the children is smart, can get better life, but fool children are not. This is why parents always yell at children to study isn't it? But, I don't think children that get low marks will have a bad life.
Most of people think if they get a decent mark, can have a better life in future. This is because they believe smart people can get a good job, and have a happy life. However, I disagree. I think if we just put more effort, if we think what I did is good enough, we can have a happy life later. For example, there is a Korean TV show call "I am a singer". In this show, juries assess them and give them a grade. 1 place, 2 place, 3 place...... So that mean number 1 is better than 3? NO. It is other people's thinking. If you believe that you are a first in the world, then you are the first.
This reason, why we shouldn't judge people to A, B, C+, C, C-....... This is not good for everyone. Maybe that people can have more power, but, everything that he can is exception. They only see the report card marks to judge this man is good or not. So, people can have good life even they can't study hard. 





 We have a test tomorrow. It is social test. I always think why I can't get high marks in social? Someone said, you should say more in SS class. Other said you should get decent mark in SS. I decided to do these. I tried to raise my hand and speak. I don't speak  to much, but much better than before.
 Now I have a biggest SS problem. It is test. Before, I got low marks before, always drove me crazy. My problem is in "thinking" question. In the test they says, "What is the difference  between  Ancient  Greece  and other cities we have learned? Explain your thinking." (For example) I jsut wrote what I thought. But, it got 2 marks. What's a silliness, I thought (not to teacher). I couldn't believe that I get low mark. So, I decided to ask teacher. I heard she said I should write more details and thinking that why you think like that. But, I don't know how to do. After that I tried to do what she said. But, same marks. The test just left me only despair. I yelled out that I hate SS test in the bathroom. I thought the test was stupid and also absurd. I thought we don't need to have kind of test like this. But I was misinterpretation something. Why she gave us test like this? 
 I still don't understand that question.
 I asked other people such as Lu, Kathy, Ian......
 What should I do if I get a good mark for that question? How to get higher mark in SS?? Why I get low mark everytimes.........................................................???????????????????????????????????????????

                                    K                                         M                                                N
      Since April 30 to May 8 we had a vacation. We had a break for more than a week. Some people said this is Spring vacation. Of course I did a lot of things during the vacation.
      For one, my mother bought a basketball because my brother wants it. So when she brought it for Children's Day, he was very happy. He went with my father, Luke's (my brother's name) friend (smaller than Luke), and me. When we went t out side. Luckily, there is no people. He did a cool attitude, than threw away to the goal. Like this, we practice how to be a good shooter. My father told us how to shot clearly, but that is not easy. We fair a lot of times, but we still learn it. There is a old says, "mistakes are the mother of success".
       Secondly, watched some movies and talk with other people in MSN. In MSN there was a war of comment. A lot of people write in Lu's post. Said, what they did, talked about someone....... So like this, war of comment started. I was doing homework, of course I logged in MSN first. But there were many message that people put comments in Lu's post. That made me crazy, if mother come, she will kill me that I don't do my work. When I finish my work I started watch movies in from Gom TV. I downloaded a lot of movies in there. For example, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, primeval...... I watched most of them.
         Lastly, I played computer game, call Grand Chase. I said this is my favorite  game. I played it with my brother. Well, of course it was really fun. I wanted to play more, but my father said to me, "NEVER!" That mean I have to study. He sometimes let us just play an hour, but if we lucky we can play it forever (my father doesn't say to us "OK, stop." If we think now is time to stop, then we stop). I love this game, but unfortunately, this game is Korean, so sometimes it's not working in China. But my father always tries if he has a time.
        These are things that I did during the vacation. It was really fun. My mother thinks I rest too much because I played a lot.
Do you know why we get report card??? I was really surprised when I saw my report card. (I can't say why I was surprise.) My mother was angry. This is significantly worse. What should I need to practice if I want to get higher mark? I searched it in internet. From Baidu, Naver, Google, Paran. These are what they said.
 They wrote, we need to do note taking. Note taking looks like it is no help to us, but really, it is very helpful. Note taking can make that person know what teacher said. Maybe the teacher speaks fast, so we can't just copy all of what the teacher said. There are two ways to solve this. One is make your own simple words to memorize. Two, just write major things. If you write like that, you can know what it is about. Then if you don't remember, you can ask friends or teachers. I do note taking since  I saw this.
 Next they said, we should do eye contact with teacher. Eye contact  is really important. It can tell the teacher that I am listening, and understand. Also it can make person easier to understand. Really, you can try it in class. Maybe teacher will not call you because teacher think you pay attention. I have done that before but that is hard for me. This is because I did it rapidly, so we need to do it more slowly, later you can do this fast. Same with note taking.
 Third, you should study far away from the electronics. This is because they can affect your attention. If you are near the TV, TV images come to you head, and affect you. So I want to be far away from it. However in my room there is a TV. How about in living room, there is a TV too. Then there are just have my father's room and other bedroom. In my father's room, he smokes, so the air pollution is high. It is more bad near the TV. Last in bedroom, there are lots of dust like a storehouse, so it is not enough to study. So I have no idea, I need to study near to the TV. 
 These three are really helpful to me. You can try this. Maybe it can raise my mark. Well I hope so. I don't know really they are useful to me. Maybe I need to try.
Do you know what is Big Bang Theory? This is Drama. Also it is sitcom. My father download this and show us. First I think that is very boring, however that is really funny. Now I talk about that drama.
 This drama is really funny. This is one benefit. This can make people happy (maybe). There are 4 scientists. They are really clever, but sometimes they act like  stupidly.   

His name is Leonard. He is one of the clever scientist. He is Sheldon's best friend and Sheldon's roommate. He loves penny.

His name is Sheldon. He is one of the clever scientist, but he is geek of geeks. He thinks he is clever than everyone in this world. Also he is poser. He has really high IQ, but sociability is low.

This guy's name is Howard (maybe). He is one of the clever scientist. He uncovers women and he is mama's boy. He always uses queasy speaking to put work to women, but always fails.

His name is Raj. He is one of the clever scientist. He can't speak to women. He need to drink alcohol can speak to women. He is from India.

She's name is Penny. Leonard loves her. She wants to be a actor, but sometimes she fail. She's neighbored are Leonard and Sheldon. She sometimes visits their house.  She builds friendship with four geeks. 

There are other characters. Sheldon's girl friend and Howard girl friend. You can watch at home or other places you want, but I always download it.
My favorite game is Grand Chase. This game is online game (also this game is make in everywhere, such as Korean, Chinese, England......). First there are 4 characters and if you finish characters mission, you can take other characters. There are 13 characters but I have 12 but my brother has 13. 
 The ways to platy this game: fist find perfect place with your level. Then make a room, or you go into other's rooms. Then start game. You kill until boss emergent. Then if you kill the boss, game will finish. You can get prizes. 
 I like this game, but Korean people block Korea Grand Chase in China. So I can't play it now.

This picture is groups of Grand Chase characters. There are more characters than this.
My second game is Maple Story.  This is online game too. This game just choose one character. Archer, Mage, Warrior, Rogue. You kill monsters and level up. There are bosses too. If you kill the boss, you can get more EXP. Make the skills more strongly, you can put something in your weapons make it stronger, but sometimes it will destroy, that mean make weapon stronger consciousness fair. Also in this game you can sell something to other users or exchange each other.  
 And this game also block by Korea.

This picture is boss monsters pictures. All of them are boss monsters. In the middle name Honteil is strongest in this game. (Honteil is dragon's name)

Next is Wonderking. This game is special than Maple Story and Grand Chase, it can play in China. Korean people don't block it. This game almost same with Maple Story. The ways to play are same too. Only there is no sell with users. This is my third game~

These monsters are boss monsters in Wonderking. in there is Haecholing small dragon. That is strongest in this picture. There is one stronger than it, name purunewooseu. This monster is strongest in that game.




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I think we should read anything what people want. We should let people read funny. There are two  major reasons why people should  read what they want.
  First, they can have fun and read because they like what they want. If other people order that read what they don't want, they    will not have fun, they will read very fast and bored. But if they read what they want they will be happy and having some fun to read. Then they can remember about 90% but not they will remember 60~50%. All the words that they need can come in mind fast. For example, if I read books what I don't want to read like dictionary, English vocab words. Maybe I will throw them away. Don't want to read them anymore. But we read what I want. I will have lots of fun and maybe other books that what I didn't want to read before. 
  Second, they will lost fun of books. For example. Parents make son read books what he doesn't want to read. Then he reads lots of times books what he doesn't want, he will lose fun of books. He will believe most of books are not fun boring. He will not read books anymore. They might can not go to university. Also if they read lots of books what they want. They can think all books are funny, so they will read the books what they want before.  
  Last, they have stress if they do like that. All of the people will have a stress they do what they don't want to do. That  is  stubbornness. If people get stress they can't do things very well. They will be gloom. 
  These are reasons are why we should read what we want. OF course there are books that bad to us. Such as +19 manga, or cruelty books or comic. But I think we should read books that interest with myself. That will be more better than other one.

Big HW



Mr Arca gave us really big HW to us. Maybe not big to other one,  but to me. He said we need to write more than 400 words in our blogs. It is due on Friday~ Then he will give these blogs to our parants (maybe)!!! What's silliness. I thought. I thought said he joke to us, but he never say joke with HW! He gave order (?) that "Why you should read anything you want?" I thought he is very sensitive about +19. In naver they say manga is +19, so he said do not read manga. That was really bad to us. This is because we have other homeworks....... 
When I went to my home I started to write