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All of parents always make children get better life. So they think if the children is smart, can get better life, but fool children are not. This is why parents always yell at children to study isn't it? But, I don't think children that get low marks will have a bad life.
Most of people think if they get a decent mark, can have a better life in future. This is because they believe smart people can get a good job, and have a happy life. However, I disagree. I think if we just put more effort, if we think what I did is good enough, we can have a happy life later. For example, there is a Korean TV show call "I am a singer". In this show, juries assess them and give them a grade. 1 place, 2 place, 3 place...... So that mean number 1 is better than 3? NO. It is other people's thinking. If you believe that you are a first in the world, then you are the first.
This reason, why we shouldn't judge people to A, B, C+, C, C-....... This is not good for everyone. Maybe that people can have more power, but, everything that he can is exception. They only see the report card marks to judge this man is good or not. So, people can have good life even they can't study hard. 

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