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I think we should read anything what people want. We should let people read funny. There are two  major reasons why people should  read what they want.
  First, they can have fun and read because they like what they want. If other people order that read what they don't want, they    will not have fun, they will read very fast and bored. But if they read what they want they will be happy and having some fun to read. Then they can remember about 90% but not they will remember 60~50%. All the words that they need can come in mind fast. For example, if I read books what I don't want to read like dictionary, English vocab words. Maybe I will throw them away. Don't want to read them anymore. But we read what I want. I will have lots of fun and maybe other books that what I didn't want to read before. 
  Second, they will lost fun of books. For example. Parents make son read books what he doesn't want to read. Then he reads lots of times books what he doesn't want, he will lose fun of books. He will believe most of books are not fun boring. He will not read books anymore. They might can not go to university. Also if they read lots of books what they want. They can think all books are funny, so they will read the books what they want before.  
  Last, they have stress if they do like that. All of the people will have a stress they do what they don't want to do. That  is  stubbornness. If people get stress they can't do things very well. They will be gloom. 
  These are reasons are why we should read what we want. OF course there are books that bad to us. Such as +19 manga, or cruelty books or comic. But I think we should read books that interest with myself. That will be more better than other one.
4/4/2011 08:59:54 pm

Wow Andy,

You have a lot of good ideas why it is important to read what you want. You know what? I'm starting to agree with you. I suppose the most important thing about using class time, is that it is used effectively. If you believe that you're learning language, enjoying what you read, and creating a less stress classroom atmosphere, then you should read what you would like. Of course, the reading material should be appropriate for the class.


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