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~Andy's blog~
 We have a test tomorrow. It is social test. I always think why I can't get high marks in social? Someone said, you should say more in SS class. Other said you should get decent mark in SS. I decided to do these. I tried to raise my hand and speak. I don't speak  to much, but much better than before.
 Now I have a biggest SS problem. It is test. Before, I got low marks before, always drove me crazy. My problem is in "thinking" question. In the test they says, "What is the difference  between  Ancient  Greece  and other cities we have learned? Explain your thinking." (For example) I jsut wrote what I thought. But, it got 2 marks. What's a silliness, I thought (not to teacher). I couldn't believe that I get low mark. So, I decided to ask teacher. I heard she said I should write more details and thinking that why you think like that. But, I don't know how to do. After that I tried to do what she said. But, same marks. The test just left me only despair. I yelled out that I hate SS test in the bathroom. I thought the test was stupid and also absurd. I thought we don't need to have kind of test like this. But I was misinterpretation something. Why she gave us test like this? 
 I still don't understand that question.
 I asked other people such as Lu, Kathy, Ian......
 What should I do if I get a good mark for that question? How to get higher mark in SS?? Why I get low mark everytimes.........................................................???????????????????????????????????????????

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