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      Since April 30 to May 8 we had a vacation. We had a break for more than a week. Some people said this is Spring vacation. Of course I did a lot of things during the vacation.
      For one, my mother bought a basketball because my brother wants it. So when she brought it for Children's Day, he was very happy. He went with my father, Luke's (my brother's name) friend (smaller than Luke), and me. When we went t out side. Luckily, there is no people. He did a cool attitude, than threw away to the goal. Like this, we practice how to be a good shooter. My father told us how to shot clearly, but that is not easy. We fair a lot of times, but we still learn it. There is a old says, "mistakes are the mother of success".
       Secondly, watched some movies and talk with other people in MSN. In MSN there was a war of comment. A lot of people write in Lu's post. Said, what they did, talked about someone....... So like this, war of comment started. I was doing homework, of course I logged in MSN first. But there were many message that people put comments in Lu's post. That made me crazy, if mother come, she will kill me that I don't do my work. When I finish my work I started watch movies in from Gom TV. I downloaded a lot of movies in there. For example, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, primeval...... I watched most of them.
         Lastly, I played computer game, call Grand Chase. I said this is my favorite  game. I played it with my brother. Well, of course it was really fun. I wanted to play more, but my father said to me, "NEVER!" That mean I have to study. He sometimes let us just play an hour, but if we lucky we can play it forever (my father doesn't say to us "OK, stop." If we think now is time to stop, then we stop). I love this game, but unfortunately, this game is Korean, so sometimes it's not working in China. But my father always tries if he has a time.
        These are things that I did during the vacation. It was really fun. My mother thinks I rest too much because I played a lot.

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