What Should I Need To Do If I Want To Raise The LA Mark??? - ~Andy's blog~
~Andy's blog~
Do you know why we get report card??? I was really surprised when I saw my report card. (I can't say why I was surprise.) My mother was angry. This is significantly worse. What should I need to practice if I want to get higher mark? I searched it in internet. From Baidu, Naver, Google, Paran. These are what they said.
 They wrote, we need to do note taking. Note taking looks like it is no help to us, but really, it is very helpful. Note taking can make that person know what teacher said. Maybe the teacher speaks fast, so we can't just copy all of what the teacher said. There are two ways to solve this. One is make your own simple words to memorize. Two, just write major things. If you write like that, you can know what it is about. Then if you don't remember, you can ask friends or teachers. I do note taking since  I saw this.
 Next they said, we should do eye contact with teacher. Eye contact  is really important. It can tell the teacher that I am listening, and understand. Also it can make person easier to understand. Really, you can try it in class. Maybe teacher will not call you because teacher think you pay attention. I have done that before but that is hard for me. This is because I did it rapidly, so we need to do it more slowly, later you can do this fast. Same with note taking.
 Third, you should study far away from the electronics. This is because they can affect your attention. If you are near the TV, TV images come to you head, and affect you. So I want to be far away from it. However in my room there is a TV. How about in living room, there is a TV too. Then there are just have my father's room and other bedroom. In my father's room, he smokes, so the air pollution is high. It is more bad near the TV. Last in bedroom, there are lots of dust like a storehouse, so it is not enough to study. So I have no idea, I need to study near to the TV. 
 These three are really helpful to me. You can try this. Maybe it can raise my mark. Well I hope so. I don't know really they are useful to me. Maybe I need to try.

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